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Nothing captures the emotion of sports more than a photo.

After being active in the field of communication and training for many years, I decided in 2008 to become a professional sports and event photographer, trainer and book author. By putting a lot of energy in my work I developed into a award winning professional photographer, specialised in sports, commercial photography and events. Beside working as freelancer together with my wife Lorette I also work for the Dutch press agency Orange Pictures Huub and am a member of the Dutch Sports Press Service. (NSP).

As a sports photographer it's my goal to capture the action and emotion at the perfect moment from the perfect angle. But it does not end there. It's my intention to understand the athlete. What drives him or her to become the best? What's their personality? Sports is just one of those activities that can bring out joy or pain and the whole range of raw emotions. It is part of what makes us human, even with faults. So I'm trying to capture all these things that make us what we are.

That’s why I use my eye and camera in a much broader contexts; portrait, social, public events ad much more. I accept assignments in all of these.


When it comes to sports, our main goal is to deliver pictures that have a positive mindset on athletes, sports organisations, sponsors and sports brands. Because we are familiar with the ins and outs in the sports world and how much energy and time athletes put into their goals, my wife and I support athletes and sports organisations in increasing their visibility and brand through a personal media package (photo portfolio, website, social media channels).

It’s our motivation to capture the action, emotion and atmosphere at its peak and transfer it into catchy images. Every time we look for different angles in their images in order to be original and surprising. Preparation, originality, reliability and high quality are of great importance to us. Only in this way we can make our customers happy with the result. Like an athlete we want to get the best out of ourselves and peak at the right time. That's what we aim for! Being close to the action and experiencing the athlete's adrenaline is something that makes us happy and gives us energy. We strive to merge the action, tension, emotion and story into our images. Disabled athletes and youthful sports talents also have a special place in our hearts.

We have been photographing major international sports events for more than 10 years, but with the same passion we also photograph national and regional sporting events. We get our inspiration mainly from the beauty and love for the sport, but also from the personal contact and fascinating stories behind the athletes.

Our clients include sports organizations, sports associations, competition organizations, athletes, news agencies, online media and print magazines. Are you interested in a professional partnership for your sporting event or brand? Do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation.

Capturing emotion, action, stories and the athletes passion. All for the love of sports.

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Huub Keulers Media Services


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M: +31 646741111
E: hk-mediaservices@ziggo.nl

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NSP (Dutch Pro Sports Photographers)

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