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Mid-2017, photographers Marcel van der Looij and Huub Keulers made an appointment to meet without obligation. The aim was to discuss the idea of ​​writing an educational book about sports photography. It soon turned out to be a conversation between two people with the same vision and drive. More than a year later, our book was published and available in 275 bookstores in the Netherlands and Belgium. A book that we and our publisher are very satisfied with. Fortunately, our readers feel the same way, as shown by the many positive reactions.

It is not your average book, but actually the best of both worlds. On the one hand, both the novice and the advanced sports photographer can get tips and tricks that are easy to apply in practice. On the other hand, it is interesting for anyone with a passion for sports to look at beautiful sports photos. The beating heart of this book is the part in which we describe photographing fifty sports. We have done this in an accessible way, as if we are sitting next to you and talking to you. Our method, tips and tricks are based on years of experience in sports photography. We try not to make it too technical, because technology is only a very small part of sports photography. It is important that you see it and enjoy it, but especially that you notice that you are taking better pictures. In addition to the fifty sports, attention is paid to lesser-known aspects of sports photography, such as the workflow, practical Lightroom tips, putting together a portfolio or series, selling your photos and obtaining an accreditation to be allowed to photograph during a sports competition.

Our book is only available in Dutch. If you are a publishers or somebody who knows a publisher who is interested to translate our book in English please let us know. Our book is very popular among sports- and action photographers. Up to now there are 1.000 books sold.

Read the reviews of people who bought it from Bol.com here or view the preview (in Dutch).

Our book can be ordered at:
Publisher of Duuren Media
Management book
Standard Bookstore (Be)

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