Sports calendar


The reason I've published this sports calendar is because it's my strong believe that knowledge should also be shared amongst photographers. So everybody who enjoys taking sports pictures for a hobby or earns money with it as a professional photographer can shoot at these sports events of his/her choice.

We will be present at several of the below mentioned sports events in order to provide our customers with the pictures they need and make them happy. So if you are a sports association, tournament organisations, news media or magazine editor and need high quality sports pictures then just contact us. Or you can provide an impressive service to athletes, family, fans, sponsors as a sports tournament organisation by letting us photograph your event. We will record all actions, atmosphere, emotion and stories in an attractive and inspiring way. We photograph the major (inter)national sporting events but also your local sports events.

All dates as shown below are with reservation. Enjoy your shooting!

07.08-09.08: DTM Zolder (Be)
22.08-23.08: Historic grand Prix, Zolder (Be)
29.08-30.08: Asics NK Atletiek Senioren, Utrecht
29.08: 24 uurs Motorracing Le Mans (Fra)
04.09: Memorial van Damme Atletiek, Brussel (Be)
04.09-13.09: WK Triathlon, Almere
05.09-06.09: NK Polo, Vreeland
12.09-13.09: Asics NK Atletiek Junioren
13.09: GP Drafrennen, Tongeren (Be)
16.09-20.09: FEI Jumping World Breeding Champ. Young Horses
17.09-20.09: KLM Dutch Open Golf, Vught
18.09-20.09: Long Course Weekend (triathlon), Beesel
19.09: City Triathlon Roermond
19.09-20.09: 24 uurs van Le Mans (Fra)
20.09: ONK Para Atletiek
20.09: Topcompetitie BMX, Zolder (Be)
24.09-27.09: Spa Six Hours Racing, Spa-Francorchamps (Be)
25.09-27.09: IDM German Motorrace Champ, Hockenheim (Dui)
26.09-27.09: 3 Nations Cup BMX, Zolder (Be)
27.09: Ironman 5150, Maastricht
27.09-11.10: Roland Garros, Parijs (Fra)
02.10-04.10: EK BMX, Dessel (Be)
03.10: Motocross of European Nations, Varsseveld
03.10-04.10: American NESCAR Festival, Zolder (Be)
04.10: NK Teams Gewichtheffen, ntb
10.10: Amstel Goldrace, Z-Limburg
10.10-11.10: Marathon Eindhoven
18.10: TCS Amsterdam Marathon, Amsterdam
18.10-25.10: European Open ATP250, Lotto Arena Antwerpen (Be)
24.10-25.10: Rotterdam Marathon
22.10-25.10: 24 uurs Spa-Francorchamps, Spa (Be)
06.11-08.11: Jumping Indoor Maastricht
07.11-08.11: EK Veldrijden, Den Bosch (Autotron Rosmalen)
07.11-08.11: 24 uurs racewedstrijd, Zolder (Be)
15.11: ONK Gewichtheffen 15+, Kaatsheuvel
24.11-29.11: Zesdaagse Baanwielrennen, Rotterdam
06.12: EK MTB Strandrace, Duinkerken (Fra)

1.000 km Motorracing, Hockenheim (Dui)
Bosch Hockenheim Historic Racing, Hockenheim (Dui)
EK Turnen Vrouwen, Parijs
European Hockey League Finals
European Open ATP250, Lotto Arena Antwerpen (Be)
Gymnastics Finals, Ahoy Rotterdam
(I)nternational (A)scension (G)ymnastics Sport Event, Den Bosch
Internationale Atletiekmeeting, Luik (Be)
Internationaal Horse Driving, Valkenswaard
Invictus Games, Den Haag
Memorial van Damme Atletiek, Brussel (Be)
MGPX Motorcross, Lommel
MXGP Motorcross, Valkenswaard
Next Generation Athletics, Nijmegen
NitrOlympX, Hockenheim (Dui)
Pro Freestyle, Heerlen
Sledehondenrennen De Witte Stein, Reuver
Special Olympics Verstandelijk Gehandicapten, Den Haag
Swimcup Eindhoven, Den Haag, Amsterdam
TT Assen Motor racing
Windmill Cup tennis, Oosterbeek
Z-Tour Paardspringen, Zangersheide Lanaken (Be)


30.01-31.01: WK Veldrijden, Oostende (Be) NK Boksen, Rotterdam
04.02-07.02: Eindhoven Diving Cup
06.02-14.02: ANB-AMRO World Tennis Tournament, Rotterdam
12.03-14.03: WK Shorttrack, Rotterdam Ahoy
18.03: Amstel Gold Race
10.04: League Final Korfbal, Rotterdam Ahoy
24.04: 6 uurs Spa-Francorchamps (Be)
13.05: Klimclassic, Maastricht <> Hoei (Be)
24.05-06.06: Roland Garros, Parijs (Fra)
04.06-13.06: EK Hockey, Amsterdam
05.06-13.06: Libéma Open, Autotron Rosmalen
11.06-13.06: Special Olympics Nationale spelen, Den Haag
12.06-13.06: 24 uurs Le Mans (Fra)
13.06: Maastrichts Mooiste Loopwedstrijd
15.06-19.06: Ascot Horse Racing (Eng)
16.06-20.06: ZLM Tour
19-06-20.06: Polo Brabant, Waalre
25.06-04.07: CHIO Aachen Paardensport, Aken (Dui)
28.06-05.07: Wimbledon, Londen (Eng)
30.07-08.08: World Police & Fire Games, Den Haag
18.09-30.09: WK Wielrennen, Brugge/Leuven (Be)
10.10 + 12.10: Sanicole Airshow, Hechtel (Be)
11.10: Bart Bretjens Mountainbike Challenge, Eijsden
21.10: PreProloog Parijs-Dakar, Eersel
24.11-29.11: Wooning Zesdaagse, Rotterdam Ahoy

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